About Gondal Brothers

Gondal Brothers is doing its Family Business since 1927 and today our operations comprise the Indenting, Imports, trading of Feed & Feed Raw Material for Poultry, Livestock, Equine & Aquaculture, Livestock Farm Equipment & Auxiliaries, Customs Clearing & Forwarding Services, Real Estate Consultants, Healthcare Solutions for Poultry & Livestock sectors. We always try to be loyal, fair and keeping the confidentiality of our clients in best of their interests. Our competitiveness in the market is based on our excellent & reliable quality services in line with our honorable client’s requirements as this could also be judged by our client’s profile. As we have been blessed with highly committed, qualified individuals with rich experience of related field, and with sound technical back ground in order to handle all matters. Our animal nutrition and feed ingredient solutions are grounded in science and research, and tailored to the unique needs of feed manufacturers, retailers and livestock producers. Together, we provide better nutrition for better lives.

Our Vision
Our vision is to build an organization that is to be the globally recognized leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company.

Our Network
We have our own network of established offices in all the major cities, thus having our presence at every corner of Pakistan. We enjoy cordial relations with our clients which gives us an edge in our business activities. We strongly believe in:

“We don’t just do business with you, we enter into a relationship”.

Our People
The workforce of Gondal Brothers is highly experienced and dedicated in its work at all levels with the experience of this field ranging from 15-20 years. We understand our client needs are individual; therefore, in combination with our structured services, we offer a partnership that is unique.

We encourage continuous improvement in our people’s skills and knowledge. We provide an array of training and educational opportunities for our staff, including on-the job training/ coaching & counselling, provide them full opportunity to attend International events/ seminars to get them well-acquainted with International exposure in related segments to gain more expertise and day-to-day learning & development.

Our Commitment
Our rigorous efforts have made the company, gain a major break-through in providing optimum quality Customs Clearing Services. We better know how to execute our services in line with our professional attitude and commitment while satisfying our customers’ genuine needs and demands. We strongly believe in:

“Satisfying Individual Customer’s need with discretion”