Farm Equipments & Auxiliaries

In our daily works, we also pay much attention to building enterprise culture. Working in a harmonious working atmosphere, everyone is full of enthusiasm, vigor & solidarity. Our specialized team is consisted of well-educated personnel with years of experience, which also ensures our rapid development in long-term. We aim at supporting you always one step in advance in your market, serving as your reliable partner.

We feel, we are the one who cater your Dairy farm requirements in one step sharing by below heads
Ø Farm Feasibility
Ø Available Breeds
Ø Selection of Animals
Ø Selection of Site
Ø Components required
Ø Animal Housing
Ø Milking Parlor Management
Ø Farm Management
Ø Record Keeping
Ø Sanitation & Hygiene
Ø Feed Nutrition
Ø Farm General Items
Ø Reproduction
Ø Breeding
Ø Animal Health
Ø Milk Quality
Ø Culled Animal Sale


Our clients look for consistent returns and understand that durable and reliable Control shed equipment is crucial to maximizing profits for each batch turn-around. Each product in our range has been carefully selected for their ability to work together to give you maximum profits and efficiency in your poultry operation.

Drinking Systems
To achieve the optimum performance from your flock, it is extremely important to provide fresh and clean drinking water, a reliable water supply must also be available. The best choice for your drinking system depends on the type of birds, the operation type and your individual requirements.

Feeding Systems
Depending on feed distribution and age and type of birds, the system has to satisfy the needs of day-olds as well as those of heavy birds. Easy access to the feed and avoidance of feed waste is of great importance.

Ventilation Systems
It is critical to provide the correct environment inside the shed to achieve maximum potential from your flock. This starts with the correct specifications and design of tunnel and minimum ventilation fans.

Environmental Control
To operate effectively and economically the ventilation systems within the sheds a reliable and user friendly control equipment which will provide not only operation of the equipment but data on equipment performance and will enable you to minimize operational cost.

Heating Systems
Effective and cost efficient heating systems at the start of grow out need to be provided for the welfare and achievement of performance potential of stock throughout the shed.

Cooling Systems
The correct design of your cool pad system will insure you get the best performance potential from your fans while achieving maximum cooling.