Poultry and Livestock Feeds (ROHI)

Balanced concentrate feeding is only fruitful for livestocks because a single concentrate alone cannot meet the requirements properly. the excess of every nutrient is wasted and the ratio between them is also disturbed which affects milk production and poor animal health. Without balance nutrition, Livestock’s cannot express their full genetic potential nor will they be reproductively efficiently. Low reproductive rates, poor growth, and increased illness are a result of a nutritional imbalance or deficiency rather than a disease or genetics.

In order to fulfill the fulfill the consumer requirement, we m/s Gondal Brothers now offers its own Formulized Cow Feed Concentrate ( ROHI WANDA) to meet the customer requirement and market potential under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced management. Our entire feed range is hygienically processed at our premises using quality ingredients. We have installed advanced tools to produce the feed in bulk quantity. Besides, proper care is taken to pack the orders in order to ensure their longer shelf life. Currently, We offer Poultry Feed, Livestock Feed ( Beef & Dairy ) , Equine Feed, Fish Feed, Ostrich Feed, Goat & Sheep Feed, Birds Feed with proper feedback to our clientele.

m/s Gondal Brother being supplier of complete range of feed raw ingredients offer all Poultry Finished Feed Brands around the country, we have direct connections with Feed Mill Owners and can supply the finished feed with better discounted rate and being a registered Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents, we have own transportation around the country so we always honor delivery commitment.